is almost done!  is almost done! is almost done!

Okay, so yes - maybe this is kind of a "Test Post," but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  ; ) lol

And I will say, Squarespace is about as cool as I expected it to be.  Google had indexed my site just the other side of immediately (a little early, actually). 

Further, Squarespace kind of hooks you up!  My account includes a year of Acuity scheduling software (which I've started to set up & am excited to use).  I think they may have some kind of deal with Google's business email - and they connect your blog to Apple News?  Love them! ; )

Although I miss Wordpress add-ons, I've been able to do almost anything I wanted - easily - on Squarespace so far.

The only change I would make thus far:  I wish they would make it easier to edit my site from my iPad ; )  I can do almost everything from my iPad nowadays ... except make any major edits to my website *argh* ; ) (You can make very specific edits - they do have some apps for that ; ))

That said, I'm still a little kid-on-Christmas-morning about all the features Squarespace has to offer.  Fingers crossed!  

PS - I'm testing Disqus for blog comments.  Feel free to say hi!